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Stories of miraculous births often include conceptions by miraculous circumstances and .. But according to later tradition, Zoroaster's mother, Dughdova, was a virgin As a consequence of Zoroaster's reforms to Iranian religion, Mithra was. A recent Pew poll found that about three-quarters of Americans believe in the Virgin Birth. But stories of miraculous conception aren't unique to.

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By Zulkikora - 15:44
The virgin birth is a classic example, and the fact-challenged ill-logic of trying . the birth of Jesus nothing new in the history of world religions.
By Kajirn - 02:51
According to academia, there are at least 32 stories of other virgin births in ancient myths in Egypt, and it was central to the ancient Egyptian state religion.
By Zulugore - 06:06
Wondering if there are any legends or myths that predicted a virgin birth or Messiah, in other religions or cultures?:slight_smile.
By Tum - 18:02
In this classic episode, Dr. Darrell L. Bock, Mikel Del Rosario, and Mary Jo Sharp discus claims that Jesus' virgin birth story was copied from.

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